Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts

Hey fellow bloggers and readers just writing this to tell you sorry for not posting a lot recently, I havent given up on my blog, I've just been really unwell recently for about a month now, even on my birthday!! I've been in hospital and had loads of tests and what not done and they can't find anything wrong with me, just waiting for one final result and if that comes back clear then all they can say is that I've got a really bad virus :(
So anyway all I'm trying to say is sorry I haven't baked in a while, I'm hoping I'll be better before the end of the month because I really want to do the Daring Bakers challenger and I have a really good idea for Iron Cupcake + its halloween!! I wanna do Halloween baking!!
Oh well hopefully I should be better soon.



Snooky doodle said...

I m really sorry for your . Hope you ll feel better soon. I missed your blog updates. Looking forward to your halloween baking :)

Pamela said...

I'm so sorry that you've been unwell. Hope they find what is wrong and fix it soon. If you're unable to post again before then, Happy Halloween and happy baking!

Ingrid said...

Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. Hope it's just a bad virus and you're better soon...ya gotta lot of catchin' up to do! ;-)

Sophie said...

I lost your blog when I changed blogs but just stumbled upon it. I do hope you feel better soon! I'm so sorry you're sick; I understand how frustrating it can be to try to get a diagnosis, as it took the docs forever to figure out what was wrong with me and my tummy troubles (feel free to email me if you need someone to talk to!) :(.

Please keep us posted. Take care and rest up :).

giz said...

You're apologizing for being unwell? I hope you're on the mend and that it's really nothing serious.