Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Formula One Fathers Day Cake

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, been extremely busy and had lots of exams etc, but what with Father's Day I thought it was an excuse to do some baking! Since I'm really trying to get into sugarpaste work and making novelty cakes I thought I would do a Formula One car cake; since my dad loves all that racing kind of thing.
Anyway theres not really a recipe to accompany this, you just need some madeira cake and whatever colour fondant/sugarpaste you want to use. I didn't really get to try a bit cause my dad and the rest of my family demolished it but it looked yummy..if not slightly wonky but never mind it was only my first one...haha! :)


Sophie said...

That's a really adorable cake :). Good luck on your exams...though I imagine they're probably over...so enjoy your summer :D.

Japanese Used Cars said...
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