Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ice Cream Voting Cupcake

Ok so for this weeks poll I wasn't too sure what to do, then I had the idea of well known ice cream flavours. So this week you can choose between :
  • Mint Chocolate Chip - minty madness, a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate chips topped with mint buttercream frosting and chocolate chips.
  • Raspberry Ripple - a delicious light vanilla cake swirl with raspberry sauce/flavouring, topped wih raspberry buttercream frosting and a raspberry.
  • Neapolitan - the three flavour cake! A half vanilla half chocolate sponge topped with strawberry buttercream frosting, a yummy trio!


sarah288 said...

You gotta make the mint choc chip ones. I've been meaning to have a go at making some for ages. Make 'em quick and post me one!!!

Mara said...

MINT! Are those the ones in your little profile picture? MINT!

Natalie... said...

Yeah they are some mint ones, but didnt have any choc chips in it so i put it up for a vote :)

maryeb said...

Hi Natalie,
Just saw you started a blog while browsing flickr. It looks great. Love that you have this weekly vote. They look like 3 yummy choices. The neopolitan peeked my interest. I'll check back to see which wins.