Monday, 21 April 2008

What It's All About

After spending much time gawping at pictures of yummy cakes and desserts I knew I would love to bake. So came my love of the cupcake. I created pages of recipes and adapted them to suit my friends and families tastes. I am no expert on cupcakes, but getting better, I hope haha! When I first began nothing seemed to go right, the icing would go sloppy and nothing would seem to work, but after purchasing my first proper icing bag things have started to look up! Now all I want is a proper beater, such as a Kenwood chef, I've researched them etc but I was wondering do these things actually make a difference? Anyway I should update this quite regularly with lots of new pictures and recipes that I hope you'll like :). Thanks.


Louisa Morris Cakes said...

Wow your cupcakes have come along way. I love the trifle ones. Kenwood mixers are great, abit noisy though. Mine has been in business with me for 11 years & is still going.